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“Early sleep and early wake up gives health and makes you grow.”

— Portuguese Proverb

Aiming to gain these health and productivity benefits, most people try to adapt to this early wake-up habit. I am also included.

With this work-from-home condition, I mess up my sleeping time. I used to…


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Toraja is famous for its cultural site and also highland view, which is concentrated in the area surrounding the major town hub of Toraja, Rantepao, and Makale.

However, there is a place far from these two towns, to be exact far on the southwest of Toraja, that is able to…

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Ninh Binh, a small town located around 90 kilometers in the south of Hanoi, offers a great magnificent view with its limestone surrounding the town. Sometimes people refer to it as a land version of Halong Bay.

The video I watched from Benn TK Youtube Video shows me the spectacular…


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I’m not a beach person. If people ask me will you go to the sea or mountain for your next vacation? I will say the mountain.

But, traveling in Labuan Bajo really changed my perspective about the sea. For me, traveling in Labuan Bajo is not only about seeing the…

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I used to love working from home (WFH).

In 2020, the working environment and situation were totally changed. I used to go to the office every day, facing a long traffic jam, standing in the midst of the crown in the public bus. …

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Kete Kesu, Toraja (Personal Documentation)

There are so many places to visit in Indonesia. Each place has its own unique value, from the landscape, culinary delicacies, and the culture. Even though I am an Indonesian, I haven’t go to a lot of places in Indonesia. But without a doubt, I would like to say, Toraja…

After doing a reflection on myself, I realize my weakness is not consistent with any action and plan that I intend to do. For most people, consistency is one of the key factors to determine the success of any deliverable. …

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February is the month of love.

People will celebrate 14th February for Valentine’s Day with their partner, spouse, or whatever terms that symbolized a pair of people who are bonded by a love relationship.

In the past time, Valentine’s Day is exclusively celebrated by a couple. It excluded the people…

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If there is any time machine that exists in this world, what would you do with it? Are you willing to go to the future and see what will happen to you over the next couple of years? …

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In these recent months, I got exposed a lot of international culture and travel videos in Youtube. The more I watch those videos, I realized that it is good if we able to understand their language, so I can get deeper insight about their culture and society. …

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