Beginner Struggle of Learning New Language and Material to Use

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In these recent months, I got exposed a lot of international culture and travel videos in Youtube. The more I watch those videos, I realized that it is good if we able to understand their language, so I can get deeper insight about their culture and society. Also, I believe that knowing their language can ease my travel experience in some countries.

For example, to travel Central Asia, I believe that knowing some basic Russian language make you can communicate with local easier. So does Spanish for travelling South America.

That is my primary motivation.

Second motivation is

Recently, I got exposed a lot of polyglot videos in my Youtube recommendation. …

The struggle of becoming an adult

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For me, adulting is quite a daunting stage of life. In the beginning, I feel like freedom. You can set your own life path without anybody forces you to pursue a certain path.

However, as I go through this phase even further, it causes a lot of dilemmas in several life aspects. Somehow these dilemmas transform into a new form of fear.

1. Fear of Losing Something Precious

Death is one thing that can’t be avoidable. How fearful to think that in these past 10 years, I heard so much sad news about passed away people. And the more I grow older, the more I notice that a person that I know or aware of, at least hear it or meet on a frequent basis already passed away. …

The struggle of adulting

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Being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet. No one really knows how.


It’s been 4 years since I was graduated from college but I’m still struggling to find out what are things that I want to achieve in my life.

When we were a child, at least in my case, we have been used to the clear life track. As we graduate from elementary school, without a doubt, we will continue our life stage to high school and college.

But once we already passed college, we may think that we will pursue our career in being an office employee or entrepreneur. However, there is no playbook to define exactly the single way to become a great employee or entrepreneur. …

Productivity Hack and It’s Realisation

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The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey is the first productivity book that I bought. I always wonder how people can really optimize and manage their time usage to generate more accomplishments. And this book is shown in front of the bookshelf in the book store.

Learn how to improve yourself during travel

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I still remember what my parents said when I ask their permission to do solo traveling.

Traveling on your own? Are you crazy?

There is so much anxiety for the parents to allow their child to do solo traveling, especially if they are quite protective of their child.

My curiosity for solo traveling begins with my curiosity to visit a place that may have not become one of the topics in my social circle. As a person who grew up in the big city of Jakarta, the travel destination amongst the youth could be Singapore, South Korea, Japan, West Europe, and the places that took a place as the top tourist destination. …

A little bit of solution to overcome that

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When I try to evaluate myself and do self-exploration, I figure out that my weakness is hard to be consistent. I am a typical person who easily gets bored. There is research that state to adopt the new habit, you need to adapt and execute that habit at least for 21 days in a row. Sadly, I always fail in around 14 days timeframe.

Not just to adopt the new habit, in order to achieve success, consistency is one of the key factors. If you know one of the algorithms of certain social media like Instagram, you need to consistently engage, post, or involved on that app on a daily basis. This algorithm teaches me how being consistent is driving us to success. Let’s say your goal is to create a new business. In this case, you may market your product, develop your product, and study the business landscape itself consistently. …

Mistakes from Beginner Investor Perspective

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In 2019, I feel like I’m quite waste a lot of money. I just relying on my savings account to store my money but this has limitations. First, I can grab the money from saving accounts quickly and use it to spend anything that I want. Second, I heard that just putting your money to a saving account doesn’t save you to inflation in the future. On the latter point, means the value of the current balance in the bank will be degraded in the future.

I was searching, an investment instrument that suitable for my current economic status and the practicality to do that. After several thought processes, I decided to invest in the stock market. While the information about the stock investment is really massive back then and until now become the factor why I decided to choose this instrument. Other factors may include low capital needed (not as great as real estate), easy to buy (buy it online), and high gain. But the third point is like a double-edged sword. Even though the gain is relatively high, the risk also high. The risks are manageable and avoidable if you know how the stock market work. However, the lack of knowledge and the human’s emotion sometimes which cause us to fall into the…

There always be a slightly positive thing behind the bitter things

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Photo: James Yarema/Unsplash

And yet again, speaking about 2020, the year that we never experienced before. The year with a lot of daunting things happens almost at once. If someone will ask your future self, what is the thing that becomes top of mind in 2020? Without a doubt, the answer will be pandemic. Most industries get impact by this phenomenon, a lot of employees got layoff from their company.

One of the industries that got first and severe impact from this pandemic is the travel industry. I used to work in the travel industry as a marketer before I got layoff in this middle of the year. As I already expect this will happen, however, when the fact slaps you hard in front of you, I start to become anxious and insecure. However, bad things can happen to anybody, even the luckiest individual on the earth. …

There is still a lot of time that you can spend to reach your target in 2020.

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It’s already in September. Never realize this year is running so fast. 2020 will be finished in less than 4 months.

I still have a lot of things that I want to do in 2020. It still remains on my note as a yearly resolution. The yearly resolution, it is such overrated words that commonly use to make a new hope for us to become a better person and achieve the things that we want to be. However, 80% of people fail to fulfill their yearly resolution. I am included in this 80% sadly.

But being stay at home and working from home for a couple of quarters, make me re-think my resolution. I have more of the time that I never have before which I can use to make more effort to fulfill it. In the spirit of making it comes true, I change my perspective and adapt the things that I learn from my working experience to reach the goal on a personal level. …

Observing life in Japan and take several lessons to improve the quality and appreciation of life

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Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Japan, already become one of my dream destinations since I was a child. This country has been visited by around 30 million international tourists in 2018. We know these countries as a country with a unique tradition, distinctive culinary, and their range of entertainments. But, speaking of the people, the Japanese are also known as one of the polite and kindest people in the world. I always heard that the Japanese have a high tendency to help people, even helping strangers.

In terms of services, in a restaurant or any public service, they give us fast and top quality services. In the restaurant aspect, for example, in Sushi Bar, the chef will give you the exact and accurate size and maintain the freshness and taste for each portion to the customer. …


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